The WP permanent-seminar is part of the research activities of Waiting Posthuman and its aim is to provide a lively forum for discussing contemporary philosophical issues concerning posthumanism and its applications. Meetings are public. Some talks are given by members of WP, internal series in which they present and discuss their research, and others are presented by invited speakers for promoting and encouraging the exchange of ideas among researchers who work on these issues in Italy and in Europe. Meetings last two hours, the first is devoted entirely to the presentation and the second to the discussion.



    • Simona Chiodo (Politecnico di Milano), “La bellezza”, NABA (MILANO), 11 maggio;
  • Giovanni Durbiano, Leonardo Caffo, Sofia Iacomussi, Valeria Federighi, “Human Design”, Politecnico di Torino, 2-6 ottobre;