Waiting Posthuman Studio is an international agency and working practice beyond the margins of traditional boundaries, acting within a hybrid of design and architecture, art, curatorial studies, philosophical and social sciences. Waiting Posthuman Studio is also an interdisciplinary research platform and studio across philosophy, urban planning, architecture and art that forces the horizon of the human being ontologically closed in on itself, inviting us to rethink our species beyond a static ontology towards a relational and dynamic ontology.

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Who we are —
Leonardo Caffo
Laura Cionci
Azzurra Muzzonigro.

Former members —
Francesca Marengo
Teresa De Martin
Eleonora Raspi
Livia Shamir
Alessandro Zangirolami

Where we are —
Waiting Posthuman Studio
via Maddalena 1, Milano
(MM Missori)





Waiting Posthuman anticipates today the change wished for tomorrow starting from the body. The body as the site that hosts the complexity of relations and at the same time the site of coexistence of human contradictions. It is starting from the body that we start to define the relationship between our being and world surrounding us defining our ever evolving identity.


Waiting Posthuman creates passages where to experiment new forms of life starting from the margin. The margin between disciplines, the margine between bodies, the margin between species, the margin between city and nature. The margin as common ground, as a fertile place where to cultivate mutable, hybrid, evolving entities.


Waiting Posthuman is the idea of a borderless humanity hybridised with animals and nature and with technology. A borderless beast that starts moving in the realm of contemporary knowledge.


Waiting Posthuman is a network and think tank, not only academic, formed by an interdisciplinary team of researchers, philosophers, architects and artists, initiated and coordinated by Leonardo Caffo  and Azzurra Muzzonigro, in order to create the theoretical and practical tools to transform the future today while waiting together for a posthuman era. The website contains ongoing materials that explore posthuman performance and multidisciplinary practice.

Waiting Posthuman an event, an exhibition, a redefinition, a concept;

Waiting Posthuman is a posthuman team in a human time;

Waiting Posthuman is a non-anthropocentric urban research project;

Waiting Posthuman is the future of bodies;

Waiting Posthuman is the future through bodies;

Waiting Posthuman is a publishing laboratory;

Waiting Posthuman is you.

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