Role: Architect

Francesca Marengo is an Architect, She holds a MA of “Architecture, P1050573Construction and City” from Polytecnic of Turin. She graduated in 2015 at Polytecnic of Turin with the thesis “Mahattan: Air Rights” by Prof. Giovanni Durbiano. Through her experience in Manhattan, she participated several projects, comparing herself with multiple actors in the sector (architects, engineers, developers, planners, real estate agent and contractors) and trying to figure out the dynamics that have made the city today. From this, the desire to examine New York as urban system as an architype of the metropolitan system and as “vertical city”, was born. These objectives has guided research to focus on the instrument that has caused and continues to govern the vertical growth of the island. In June 2016 she has worked in New York City for ZonerApp. ZonerApp lets you create the maximum building envelope for a development project on any site in New York City. She has also participated in the Zoner team is part of the New York City real estate business accelerator AREA. She lives and works in Turin and Milan as a freelance architect and interior designer.