The pandemic disruptions of 2020 have made tangible the need to take care of the vital network of relationships that connects individuals, society, and ecology. Prove di R(i)esistenza presents artistic practices that, through a methodology rooted in research, processuality, participation, and collaboration, cultivate new forms of individual and shared ethical awareness.

“Resistance as re-existence” is a notion articulated by Colombian thinker Adolfo Albán Achinte to describe the series of “mechanisms that communities create to invent daily life and power while […] confronting the hegemonic project.” Prove di R(i)esistenza responds to Achinte’s proposition by presenting projects that do not simply resist or denounce the status quo, but rather enact forms of re-existence by creatively and politically imagining new everyday forms of being and relating. 

The invited artists, Laura Cionci, Danilo Correale, Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico, and takecare, have been working for years on strategies that aim to generate a collective and horizontal rethinking of key notions of our time, such as the body, labor, technology, and ecology.

By opening the exhibition path with a library as a place of ideas gathering books that are essential to the artists’ practices, the project involves the public in a series of projects that invite us to reformulate our affective, creative, and interpersonal, as well as intellectual and bodily, ways of existing: Danilo Correale’s immersive installation asks us to imagine a post-work society through hypnosis; Laura Cionci’s intimate elaborations on nature invite us to reconsider our energetic potential; Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico rethink ritually the data produced daily by digital technologies; takecare, in collaboration with the design duo PLSTCT, reflects on the relationship between body, nature, architecture, and capitalism. 

During the exhibition, the artists will present workshops and conversations that seek to involve the public in the practices and research presented by the project and cultivate new forms of sociality and knowledge-sharing.

An integral part of the project is the upcoming publication of an essay by Ilaria Conti, promoted by the Baruchello Foundation, reflecting on new critical and institutional horizons in response to the international crises of 2020. 


Prove di R(i)esistenza, curated by Ilaria Conti
Laura Cionci, Danilo Correale, Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico, takecare
30.09.2020 – 19.02.2021

Prove di R(i)esistenza is part of the Summer Show project, which is the winner of the Public Notice Estate Romana 2020-2021-2022 and is part of ROMARAMA 2020, the cultural program promoted by Roma Capitale. 

with the support of

 in collaboration with


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