A new Waiting Posthuman Studio project for Made Program (Syracuse, Italy) Design Academy directed by Studio Formafantasma.

Starting from “The planet as Festival”, a paper by Ettore Sotsass published on Casabella, an idea of the discipline of design as an immense game.

The idea is to start from the philosophical concept of “youth” explored by authors such as: Agamben, Benjamin, Sgalambro, Pasolini and Munari. The construction of a new table game starting from a new map of the island of Ortigia built by walking inside it (a sort of Stalker methodology) following the places of youth.


Have fun and come to play with us.


Made Program Design Academy
Leonardo Caffo (Professor and Curator of the Project)
Carola Campisi
Michele Cicero
Teresa Ficara
Barbara La Civita
Dalila Musso
Chiara Russo
Edoardo Spata
Vittoria Arezzo
Giordano Casaretti
Luana Rodorigo
Giorgia Sciacca
Giada Sciascia
Noemi Zito

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Download the quotes-card.